Follow-up On Some Chimera African Violet Projects

For whatever reason there has been minimal blooming this month but a lot of growth with plantlets I produced from flower stalks from some “different” blooms. First I have the 7 petal Mauna Loa (Eyerdom) bloom. I produced a plantlet from that stalk. Not that I am expecting a plant that has 6 or 7 petal blooms, but the concept and frequency of 6 petal blooms on some chimera African violets intrigues me and although I do not expect selecting them by stalk can produce a higher frequency petal bloom per plant, I just have the urge to do it. What if? So I am. The link to the previous article and image can be seen reviewed by just clicking here.


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 The next two photographs below were plantlets produced from the flower stalks of the sport of Shimai.  Click on ‎this link to review the article and see the sport.  They are glowing nicely and I expect a bloom in April or May.  While the third plantlet


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almost seemed as if it was failing to thrive as it was rather small and was growing at a much slower rate.

sport Shimai 2

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A closer look from a side angle revealed two plantlets.  Once I get a little more growth from both I will separate them.  How true or if any of these plantlets will be true to the parent plant is still in question.  The parent succumb to what I believe was Cylindrocarpon or root rot.   The habit of letting the plants get very dry and then over watering in large part the result of my schedule.  I will have to seriously start considering wicking or some other means to maintain these plants.   I removed the crown in an effort to save the plant so it will be a while before more stalks of this sport can be produced.

Sport of Shimai

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  1. Posted January 6, 2014 at 6:01 am | Permalink

    A Happy New Year!
    Your Shimai has started to bloom in my home too.
    Just wanted to say thank you to you!

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