Ford’s Pinwheel Chimera African Violet

Fords Pinwheel










About four years ago I propagated this plant, Ford’s Pinwheel (J.Ford), from a flower stem.  It never bloomed. I mean for 4 years the plant just grew, very very slowly.  Other plants subjected to the same lighting, soil, watering and temperature conditions in the growing area did wonderfully, blooming and growing.  But not this plant.  On multiple occasions I was going to send it off to compost pile.  Never did.  Then as of about 2 months ago I noticed it growing actively, sending off suckers and to my surprise sending off a couple of bloom stalks.  I figured based on the growing  behavior exhibited over the last four years I would see some type of sport of Fords Pinwheel.  All pink, all purple, something not too exciting.  Well this is what bloomed. A perfect chimera of Ford’s Pinwheel.  Four years in the making.  I guess everything in it’s own time.


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