Growing African Violets From Seed

Growing African violets from seed is simple.  I have been using chimera African violets as seed parents for years and as of late have been offering the seed on my site.  I have received requests from some to provide seed growing instructions.  As you will see it could not be simpler or as fool proof.  Just use a growing media that is properly moistened and place the sown seed under light for 8-10 hours a day.   The most difficult part of the process is handling the incredibly tiny seed.  For comparison purposes I have a penny, grass seed, African violet seed and the smallest of seed I am aware of,  an orchid seed, all in the picture below.

**Click on the above image to magnify it**

To get the directions on planting African violet seeds just click on the following link:  GROWING AFRICAN VIOLETS FROM SEED.  Just as a reminder, chimera African violets CANNOT be grown from seed.  Crosses between chimera violets will result in interesting outcomes that will be standard African violets not chimera African violets.

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