Neptune’s Jewels ~ A Sport of it.

Sport of Neptune Jewels The above image is Neptune’s Jewels.  I enjoy the bloom of this plant.  The below image is a bloom of a plant that sported from the original Neptune Jewels.

Sport of Neptune Jewels Note the white stripe in the middle of each petal is gone. The pink that was on the plant edges as well as the purple speckles are now uniform across the petals. The mature bloom measures 6 cm across or about 2.5 inches (below image).  Is this sport  a chimera or not?  In the next months I will take the stem bearing this bloom and concurrently will take a leaf and attempt to propagate plants from both.  If the leaf propagation produces plants with the same bloom as depicted here then it is not a chimera. If the leaf produces plants with different color blooms and concurrently the stem propagation produces a plant with blooms that look like the original sport, then I know we have a new chimera African violet. This experiment should take about 8 months to complete. So if all goes well in the September-October time frame we will have an answer.  We will also have some insights into the genetic stability if it is a chimera.  As the stem propagation would be the F1 of 3 generations needed to ascertain genetic stability.

sport of N

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