Propagation Of A Chimera African Violet With A Potato? (part 3)

After 2 full months of this experiment (and maintaining the orientation of this potato and the stem cuttings), you will notice 3 of the 4 stems in the front row have all died off and totally succumb.   Interesting to note stems that were in point A, B, C and D were all dipped 1st into Clonex rooting hormone.  The four stems in the back row did not have any rooting hormone, they had nothing.  The stem in the E position also had no hormone prep.

The next stem cutting to succumb will most likly be E.  Unfortunately it looks like it has some bud formation in the area indicative of producing a new plant.   And if you look closely,  as you can see in the image above, the fungus around the stem is overwhelming.   In  a few of the other stems there is some very preliminary bud formation also.  At this point the biggest takeaway,  if I was to repeat this experiment is to not use any rooting hormone supplement and to have cleaned the potato and the stems in 10% clorox prior to starting this experiment.

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