Self-Pollination in Chimera African Violets (or any African violets)

I have had on occasion some of my chimera (and non-chimera) African violets seem to self-pollinate.  A quick search on the web all too often dismisses the process do to mechanical moving or shaking of the plant or as a result of thrips.  I do not have thrips (I really don’t) and the fact that the frequency of observing self-pollination at a higher degree of frequency with Emerald City and Vans Evans leads me to believe the process is real.  So I decided to pay very close attention to these two plants and see what I can observe.  It just so happen the Emerald City was coming in bloom. The picture below is your typical flower with an upright stigma and bright yellow pollen sacks.  If you look closely you will see some pollen  on the petals below the stigma.   I was cross pollinating with a different  Chimera.

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As you can see below the stigma is (by its own design) into the pollen sack.  The style is curved toward the sack allowing the sigma to be totally buried  in the pollen.  Who said self-pollination does not occur in nature for African violets?   I will be watching the development of the  pistil for swelling and possible seed development.  If there are seeds it would be interesting.  I would suspect the flowers to be almost exclusively white. 
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  1. Jose Mendoza
    Posted June 2, 2017 at 6:31 pm | Permalink

    I think you would just get a poor quality Emerald love violet, as Emerald city is a sport of it. Let us know about your findings! as I have exactly that situation going on; a self-pollinated Emerald city. i just don’t have enough space to grow 400 seeds haha

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