Sport of Concord F2 In Bloom

F2 Bloom Sport of Concord










This is the first bloom of two plants that are the F2 generation of the sport of Concord and are blooming identical to the original sport and F1.  Currently F3 is growing and is about 4 leaves in size and perhaps 4-5 months away from blooming.

F2 Sport of Concord










What is striking is how this sport is different in leaf shape, color and texture then the original Concord.  This LINK will take you back to that original post where the comparisons were first made.
I can add a few more observations.  I noticed the flower stem grows tall above the plant leaf top which will allow for a nice flower display.  Below is a side shot of  plant to illustrate the point.  I do not nor never have “grow to show”, I just enjoy the growing and propagation of the plants and was never much into exhibiting plants.  But I am told a habit of tall flower stalks is desirable.

BloomStalk F2 Sport of Concord








Finally the size of the blooms are a bit  large as African violet flowers go.  For example I measured the bloom below end to end as illustrated and the distance across was 5.5 cm (about 2.25 inches).

F2 Bloom Sport of Concord 5 point 5cm




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