Sport of Yukako with Chimera Leaves













About 10 months ago I planted two tiny Yukako plantlets in a larger pot. As the plants matured I noticed one was producing leaves that were dark green on the edges and light green in the center.  Leaf after leaf was produced that looked like that.  While the other plant was producing leaves typical in color and shape of Yukako.










Above you can see the two plants in a single pot.  The Yukako that had normal leaves producing the normal Yukako bloom and the plant that was producing what looked like the chimera leaves produced a dark purple bloom.  When you change the lighting angles and back light the bloom of the leaf chimera plant you see almost a pinwheel like coloration of darker purple on a lighter purple.













The image immediately above is the same flower with normal lighting.  What is interesting is that this is the second such chimera leaf mutation and dark purple flower coloration I have seen with Yukako in my collection and I have also heard of two other cases where this occurred.  I am certain the leaf is a chimera but I wonder about the bloom.  Could this be a double chimera?

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