Chimera African Violet Stem Tissue Culture

There has been interest in the propagation of chimera African violets.  All stem propagation methods depend on the propagation of the shoot apical meristem as the source to the new chimera African violets.  This area is between the stem proper and the leaflets on the stem.  Only plantlets from this area will produce plants true chimera African violets to the parents genotype and phenotype.   The same is true in non-tissue culture stem propagation.  In the below image is a flower stem of Party Fun where two very nice plantlets are growing just above the leaflets of the stem.  (You will need to click on the images below to see the detail) 









What is not atypical and problematic in stem cell tissue culture is the proliferation of viable plantlets of the stem body or just about anywhere else on the stem.  In this image below, you can see two plantlets forming on Humako Sharon (A) & (B) which will most likely be true to the parent.  In the next image below you can see plantlets (C), some of which are the result in callus tissue will not be true to the parent chimera.









These plantlets that are forming (C) will not produce viable chimera plantlets because they are not originating from the apical meristem which is located only above the leaflet region on the stem.










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