Can You Grow Chimera African Violets from Seed?

NO!   You cannot.   I have seen articles and post on occasion pop-up stating you can grow Chimera African violets from seed.  You can’t.  Chimeras are made up of two genotypes in the body of the plant.  The very process of pollen and egg production excludes one of the two genotypes.  Hence you cannot produce a chimera African violet from seed.  I have in past posts demonstrated this in an experiment.   But can you use the seed of chimera African violets to produce African violets (non-chimera)?  You sure can!  Attached is a link to a very simple and very effective way I grow African violets from seed. Click this link to see how to plant African violet seeds.




The Image above illustrates how small an African violet seed really is.  So small is an African violet seed  that a single seed can get lost in the center of a “C” in the word “cent” on a penny.  Orchid seeds which are the tiniest of seeds are not that much smaller than an African violet seed.  Compare the seeds using the key at the bottom.

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