8E Danse Macabre Chimera African Violet

8E Danse Macabre

8E Danse Macabre has always fascinated me, from the name of the plant to the various images you can find on the web and the variations of it. The above image is of a plant I acquired this past fall. To the best of my knowledge, 8E Danse Macabre is not registered with the AVSA as I cannot find it in their database called “First Class” (which contains over 19,000 unique African violets). But images can be found on “Google Images” and there is noticeable variation among the same cultivar. For example, if you click on Image#1 is the first 8E Danse Macabre I had ever seen and is probably one of the most striking in my opinion. I acquired a sucker of it about four years ago and as you can see below, the outcome in terms of bloom was nothing like the original “Image 1” or the image above.

Sport of 8E Danse Macabre

Then there are other stunning images like Image#2

Image #3 specifically has the nice white around the petal edges but also I am seeing (as is in my plant also ) more speckled purple fantasy on the bloom. Although all the plant bloom images I can find have the purple stripes in the center with pink coloration between them the variability appears to be in the amount of white margin along the edges and the degree if any of purple fantasy. Regardless, it is a most interesting plant in name and image. As always, you can click on the above images to enlarge.

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  1. Posted June 18, 2020 at 7:41 am | Permalink

    That’s a pretty one – love the name. You’re getting some interesting depth of field on your pics. KG

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