8E Danse Macabre Sport

As I mentioned in the June 2020 post the chimera African violet 8E Danse Macabre has always fascinated me, from the name of the plant to the various images you can find on the web and the variations of it. The first image below is of a plant some time ago. To the best of my knowledge, 8E Danse Macabre is not registered with the AVSA database called “First Class”. It for me has always been a bit of a challenge to grow. My opinion is it generally grows slower then my other chimeras, genetically less stable but never the less the blooms are always interesting. The second image below is of a recent sport.

8E Danse Macabre
Sport of 8E Danse Macabre

As you can see the purple is darker and less contained then the original above bloom. Purple violated the nice white margin areas that is seen in the original bloom. The blooms are large, averaging 5 cm (about 2 inches) per bloom. I do not know if in fact this is a stable bloom in that future blooms will come out tis way or just a freak atypical bloom and future blooms on this plant will appear in the more traditional 8E Danse Macabre format. I will try and tissue culture the flower stem and see if I can replicate this.

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