A Possible Leaf Chimera?

Below are three leaves of a sport of Humako Sweet. Actually all the leaves reflect this pattern. Does this pattern remind you of anything?

Leaf 1
Leaf 2
Leaf 3

Does the darker chloroplast seem to form an image of a maple leaf? At least that is what it looks like to me. This is a small plant. I was propagating Humako Sweet and I noticed one of the plants had a dark center. As the plant grew (all be it slowly) every single leaf produced the same or nearly the same configuration of dark and light chlorophyll. Some were more exact to the maple leaf like image 1 and 2 and some of the leaves looked like the image of “Leaf 3″.” I started to wonder if in fact this is not a variegation but a true chimera leaf. I have not propagated any plants yet from this parent plant. As I said it is a slow grower. It has bloomed and I was hoping for a chimera bloom but that did not occur. Small white flowers did appear. The next blooming I will remove the peduncles and do tissue culture to see if I can propagate this plant and what outcomes are obtained. Perhaps our Canadian African violet friends may like this one. Click on the imaged to enlarge.

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