Chimera Sport of Humako Sweet

The bloom of this chimera is white with pink stripes.  This is a standard Chimera with leaves that are dark green, are ovate and quilted. I very much enjoy this plant as the blooms are very consistent, never varying from the above image. What I noticed last month on one of the young plants blooming for the first time was the image below.

As you can see the bloom has green pigmentation on the upper edges of the petals. Also on the three bottom petals the pink stripes are not as solidly expressed specifically in the center of the petal. The leaves of the plant are as the non-sported plant, dark green, are ovate and quilted. I plan on taking the flower stem and using a tissue culture method attempt to propagate a plant or two to see if the genetic characteristics expressed in the picture are a new phenotype, creating a new chimera African violet. We shall see.

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