New Concord vs. Concord

I have recently seen on eBay a chimera African violet named “New Concord”. To the best of my knowledge it is not listed in “First Class” (data base of named and registered African violet hybrids) or has a AVSA Registration number. But it appears popular. As I grow a number of Concords each year, I was interested and acquired one. As I only had the plant for a month I have not yet done any quantitative comparisons between the standard and “New” Concord like the ratio of white to blue in the blooms as I did in March of 2014 post. But there are a couple of obvious things to notice.

Underside of Concord Leaf
Underside of “New Concord” Leaf

The above two images are of the underside of the leaves of Concord (top)and the “New Concord” (bottom). Note that the coloration of the veins in the Concord leaf Vs. “New Concord”. The traditional concord leaf shows a reddish coloration of the veins which is Xanthophyll while the “New Concord” appears to lack the red pigmented Xanthophyll leaves.

Then we compare the blooms you can see there appears to be more white and less purple in that the purple stripes are not as wide specifically at the end of the petals. When I collect enough blooms on the new concord I can repeat the ratio study of white to purple I did when comparing a standard Concord to some mutated Concords with small white margins.

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