Rob’s Monkeyshines Sport

The below image is one of the many faces of  Rob’s Monkyeshines (AVSA Reg # 7893) blooms.  Click here to see my other blog post describing this blooming oddity.

Monkey Shine















In the process of propagating some additional Monkyshine plants, one of the plants “sported”  resulting in the entire plant blooming with bloom, that unlike Rob’s Monkyeshines  pattern variability, these blooms were constant but looked very different.  See image below.  The blue fantasy is devoid on the bloom with a strong purple coloration and a faded white stripe.  The leaves remain the same, medium green, quilted and serrated and the plant is semi-miniature.   Based on the flower coloration I would suspect this is also a chimera.  I should be able to demonstrate that by stem and leaf propagation.  Generally speaking this bloom is not particularly attractive and I am still debating if I should dispatch the plant to the compost heap or try and propagate the flower stems.
















Postscript: It was dispatched to the compost heap.

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