Sport Of Concord (second bloom)

As I indicated in the January 2015 post Link to that post, one of my Concords sported and produced a bloom that looked very similar to “The Alps”.   The plant is growing with a considerable degree of robustness such that a few months later it grew much larger and bloomed again.  As I pulled the bloom stalks to propagate more plants (F1 ) to determine genotypic and phenotypic stability over the next generation with the first bloom, I left the blooms alone this second bloom to fully ascertain the extent of the bloom size and the colors expressed as the bloom matures.  Historically as I have propagated Concords from bloom stalks I saw a degree of stability such that I was surprised that there was a sport.  Below are the blooms on the second flowering.

Sport of Concord








The color of this image is very close to the actual plant (actually the images below of the sport is identical to the color looking at the plant live).  I took some effort to assure it was accurately reproduced.  If you compare and contrast between Concord and this sport of Concord the differences are striking, not just with the bloom but with the leaves.  Below are images of bloom and leaf comparisons.  Click on the images to enlarge it.

Blooms Compared







Below is a leaf of Concord and the Sport of Concord.  Note it is a darker green and the lobes on the leaves are more elongated and symmetrical.  Also what is noticeable which is not captured well in the images is that the leaves of the sport appear either more hairy or the hairs on the leaf of the sport are longer.  But the sense is it is hairier.  As always just click on any of the images to get a better look.

Leaves Compared








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