Sport of Shimai

The images this month come courtesy of Liz Shaffer.  She is growing a Shimai and one of the bloom stalks appears to have sported as the rest of the bloom stalks continue to generate normal Shimai blooms.  What is interesting is this not yet fully opened bloom, has a unique pattern.  It seems to have regressed a bit back to the original Yukako  bloom, but only partially and doing so leaving green and white as the stripes.  This may very well make an interesting and new chimera African violet if the stalk can be propagated into a plant.    

The image above shows the Shimai pattern of the other bloom stalks and the sport.  The image below is a nice side view of the unfurling bloom.  I look forward to seeing the bloom when it is fully open.  We look forward for Ms Shaffer to share more images with us as the bloom becomes fully opens.

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