Sport of Shimai Described

May of 2014 I described the first flowering of the sport of Shimai.  I then did stem culture on it and produced 3 plants.  All are identical. The blooms do not look exactly like the original bloom (I no longer have the original plant as it was consumed with the fungus issue I had last year) but all are consistent.  Below are a couple of images of the sport of Shimai (F1).  I have three plants of this sport and have in culture the F2 generation.  Of the 3 plants all are consistent in bloom, plant size and leaf type.  The flowers are white, ruffled and have considerable curvature of the bloom, are never flat as depicted in the images below.  The two top petals are a bit larger with a purple stripe with a green underlay of color.  The other 3 petals are purple on a white petal with a very slight green undertone. (Click on the images to enlarge them).  It will be interesting to see if the F2 plants produced are genetically stable and reflect those depicted below.

Sport of Shimai SP










As you can see in the image below, the bloom on the bottom left hand side exhibits the typical alinement of the petals.  They are not in the same plane.

Shim Sport Sacked


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