Yachiyo Tabata or (Blue)

Yachiyo Tabata Bloom #1
Yachiyo Tabata Bloom #2
Yachiyo Tabata Bloom #3

Yachiyo Tabata is an amazing chimera African violet. Each bloom is different. If you looked at 100 blooms each would be a little different then the other as you can see in the first two images. The variability of the blue blotches and streaks and on occasion there near absence on some blooms are as variable as snowflakes. No two are ever the same regardless if the blooms are from the same plant concurrently or from different Yachiyo Tabata plants. Now the interesting part. The above images are all Yachiyo Tabata all taken as suckers from the same plant. But as you can see on bloom #3, it is all blue. And in fact, every single bloom on this plant is blue with no hint of pink! This plant apparently sported. Now that said there is on the market a Yachiyo Blue. I have owned them in the past and on Google Images you can see images of those that I and others have posted in the past (the link will take you to the images). Those images are phenotypically identical to the above bloom #3. So the questions are, did Yachiyo Blue originate from Yachiyo Tabata? Or did Tabata sport from Yachiyo Blue? Which came first? As these plants are not part of the AVSA database there is no history to address these questions.

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