Yachiyo Tabata Sport

The below image is the typical looking Yachiyo Tabata. A prolific and generally stable Chimera African violet.

Yachiyo Tabata

Now the other day I observed a sport of Yachiyo Tabata as seen below. I have about 1/2 dozen of them currently and have propagated probably over 100 of them over the past years. This is only the second sport I have observed. This was the only bloom on this plant. The stem will be used for tissue culture with the intent of propagating more plants to ascertain if genetically this is a true sport and is genetically stable. The one petal has some damage and as it was the only bloom, I recorded it as is.

Yachiyo Tabata-Sport

As can be seen, the pink stripe with purple streaks is now present running down the center of the petals instead of the petal edges as shown on the top image. Also, the white stripe present in the top image has now moved to the bloom edges. The color intensity of the center streak appears lighter but never the less the pink color and purple streaks are present.

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