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Shimai Sport with Bilateral Blooms? (Part 2)

As a follow up from the last blog, the third pair of blooms opened.  The bilateral behavior has ceased.  The bloom pair and all the other blooms now forming are producing the dark stripe as an overlay to the green stripe producing a dark purple stripe on a white petal.   If this is stable or […]

Status of Availability of Shimai Chimera African Violet

As of 11/10/12 I have shipped out Shimai Chimera African violets to those that made requests in July 2012. Requests for Shimai made on or after 8/1/12 will be shipped in April 2013. Thank you for your patience.

Shopping For Chimera African Violets?

Chimera African violets are now available for purchase on my site.  The “shopping” function (upper right hand side) is now working and as I obtain excess plants from my collection I will be posting them in  “Shopping”.   This shopping tab was set up to be intuitive.  1) just click “shopping” to see what plants are […]