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Chimera African Violets And Seed Production

Here is yet another example in a series of demonstrations that crosses between chimera African violets 1) can occur and 2) can produce viable seeds.  Refer to posts Refer to the Dec 1 2010 post just click here and the April 1 2010 posting.  Below is the latest example of a seed pod forming that […]

Self-Pollination in Chimera African Violets (or any African violets)

Self-pollination in African violets occurs on occasion not as a result of thrips, or mechanical movement, rather as a consequence of the style bending towards and pushing the sigma into the pollen sack.

Chimera African Violet Crosses

As follow up to a post from April 10th “Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed” and to the point that crosses of chimera African violets DO NOT produce other chimera African violets I have grown out to flower the cross of Rob’s Miriwinni (seed plant) X Monique (pollen plant).  The results are […]

Chimera African Violet Crosses Do Produce Seed (seed is available)

In reference to earlier discussions about if chimera African violets can produce viable seed I submit the following in an effort to answer this question (see April 10th blog). This photo (above) is the mature seed pod from the photo of the June 1 blog.  This specific example illustrates that Van’s Evan X Van’s Evan […]

Chimera Hybridization

There is some discussion about if chimera African violets can produce seed in the same quantity and with the same viability as other African violets. Attached are two images. The above image  was taken 3 weeks after pollination of  chimera Kilauea with the pollen of Yukako.  Smaller then expected and it does not look too […]

Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed?

. . . . Do crosses between chimera African violets  produce viable seed?   This has been the point of a little discussion in Dr. Jeff  Smiths column in African Violet Magazine.  Frankly I was a little surprised that the question actually came up.