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Not A Chimera African Violet!

This month’s theme is “Not A Chimera”.    Earlier this year I was looking to purchase Rob’s Mirriwinni.  I found a site on eBay that was selling one.  The picture on eBay of what the bloom looked like was correct but was a picture of the parent plant, not the plant for sale.  I purchased the […]

The Chimera African Violet Shop

www.shopafricanviolets.com website is back up.

Some Expensive African Violets on eBay

A few months ago I have seen a very high demand for two specific African violets that have brought to their respective sellers some quick cash.

Concord Chimera African Violets and Pseudo-Concords

Buyer beware; not all Concord chimera African violets are true Concord chimera African violets.

Chimera Yukako and its Sport

This is the first sport of Yukako I have seen. Most of the Chimera African violets I have produced are the result of tissue culture.  On occasion as suckers form I will re-pot them and have full confidence that the outcome will be a copy of the parent.  My assumption, grounded in the full confidence  […]

Chimera African Violets-EBay and Some Seller Rope-A-Dope

The last month I have been seeing more of those “chimera like” African violets showing up on e-Bay under the Chimera African Violets listing.  Most of the times the seller will list it in the title as “Chimera Like”. But some have been a little less direct listing it “African Violet Plant ~ (Name of […]

EBay and Chimera Violets

If you frequent e-bay to look for chimera African violets, you need to be cognoscente of exactly what is being offered. Take it from someone that has been duped. I look (as one would in any purchase) for four things