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Chimera African Violet Stem Tissue Culture

All stem propagation methods depend on the propagation of the shoot apical meristem as the source to the new chimera African violets.

Concord Sport

                The above image is a sport of Concord.  The bloom stalks that produced the above plant and below plant (true Concord) were taken from the same parent plant.  All the plants produced from the other bloom stalks of the parent look like the standard Concord depicted below.  This […]

Mauna Loa 6-7 Petal Experiment Results

Efforts were made using stem culture of a bloom stalk with 6 and 6 petal flowers of the chimera African violet Mauna Loa. The results are provided.

Sport Of Shimai

Shimai, the chimera African violet appears to have sported generated a purple overlay on to the green stripes.

Chimera African Violet Shimai – Sport

A common sport of the chimera African violet Shimai will produce purple-cream bloom with green edges when the bloom mature.

Chimera African Violets and Seeds (continued)

Continuing from the post in February, the seed pod from the cross between “Galactic Storm” using the chimera African violet “Neptune Jewels” appears to be approaching maturity.

Chimera Yukako F1 Sport

In the process of establishing and demonstrating the genetic stability of the sport of Yukako (F1) where we have a white flower with green stripes; out of the several dozen that bloomed true this one bloomed differently.  Is this a Chimera?  Is it stable genetically?  Can it be propagated to produce identical blooms? We will […]

Self-Pollination in Chimera African Violets (or any African violets)

Self-pollination in African violets occurs on occasion not as a result of thrips, or mechanical movement, rather as a consequence of the style bending towards and pushing the sigma into the pollen sack.

Chimera African Violet Crosses

As follow up to a post from April 10th “Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed” and to the point that crosses of chimera African violets DO NOT produce other chimera African violets I have grown out to flower the cross of Rob’s Miriwinni (seed plant) X Monique (pollen plant).  The results are […]

Growing African Violets From Seed

Growing African violets from seed is simple.  I have been using chimera African violets as seed parents for years and as of late have been offering the seed on my site.  I have received requests from some to provide seed growing instructions.  As you will see it could not be simpler or as fool proof.  […]

A Possible Sport of the Chimera African Violet Erin (semi-double flowers?)

The African violet chimera Erin, is a single blue flower with wide white stripes. It has plain foliage and is considered a standard plant in size.  This plant when mature and full of flowers is very impressive indeed.  I have an image of it in my gallery and gives you an idea what it looks […]

Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed?

. . . . Do crosses between chimera African violets  produce viable seed?   This has been the point of a little discussion in Dr. Jeff  Smiths column in African Violet Magazine.  Frankly I was a little surprised that the question actually came up. 

Chimera African Violet Propagation Using Keikigrow Plus

I found a nice site that details the propagation of chimera African violets using the plant hormone cytokinin benzyladenine in a lanolin based paste.  The paste is smeared on just above the flower bracts.  The material is called “Keikigrow Plus”.  Click on this link to see a step by step propagation process.    http://www.rachelsreflections.org/Janet2.htm

A Grower With An Explantion of Chimera Propagation

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_7f0FiAOyA] It is not initially clear what the speaker is going for. Her initial remarks were about transplanting chimera violets (which is a process that is identical to any African violet), but the discussion is really about de-crowning propagation of chimera African violets.