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Growing African Violets From Seed

Growing African violets from seed is simple.  I have been using chimera African violets as seed parents for years and as of late have been offering the seed on my site.  I have received requests from some to provide seed growing instructions.  As you will see it could not be simpler or as fool proof.  […]

A Possible Sport of the Chimera African Violet Erin (semi-double flowers?)

The African violet chimera Erin, is a single blue flower with wide white stripes. It has plain foliage and is considered a standard plant in size.  This plant when mature and full of flowers is very impressive indeed.  I have an image of it in my gallery and gives you an idea what it looks […]

Do Crosses Between Chimera African Violets Produce Viable Seed?

. . . . Do crosses between chimera African violets  produce viable seed?   This has been the point of a little discussion in Dr. Jeff  Smiths column in African Violet Magazine.  Frankly I was a little surprised that the question actually came up. 

Chimera African Violet Propagation Using Keikigrow Plus

I found a nice site that details the propagation of chimera African violets using the plant hormone cytokinin benzyladenine in a lanolin based paste.  The paste is smeared on just above the flower bracts.  The material is called “Keikigrow Plus”.  Click on this link to see a step by step propagation process.    http://www.rachelsreflections.org/Janet2.htm

A Grower With An Explantion of Chimera Propagation

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=i_7f0FiAOyA] It is not initially clear what the speaker is going for. Her initial remarks were about transplanting chimera violets (which is a process that is identical to any African violet), but the discussion is really about de-crowning propagation of chimera African violets.

Propagation of Chimera Violets (Crown Method)

[youtube:http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=nwynHQcoySY] This is the most common method of propagating chimera African violets. The above presentation came from Youtube made by Reeds Greenhouse. He did a nice job.