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Mauna Loa Chimera African Violet Petal Count

Selecting Mauna Loa bloom stalks with blooms > 5 petals and then tissue culturing new plants from the bloom stalk appears to have produced a 6+ petal Mauna Loa.

Follow-up On Some Chimera African Violet Projects

For whatever reason there has been minimal blooming this month but a lot of growth with plantlets I produced from flower stalks from some “different” blooms. First I have the 7 petal Mauna Loa (Eyerdom) bloom. I produced a plantlet from that stalk. Not that I am expecting a plant that has 6 or 7 petal […]

African Violet Sport Of Yukako F1

In the posts of October and November I discussed a sport of Yukako.  To review that blog,  just click here.   I have successfully produced a plant from the parent bloom stalk, using tissue culture techniques.  The resulting plant and flowers are true to the parent in both color, form and chimeraism.  The F1 flower […]

Chimera African Violet Party Fun

Chimera African violet Party Fun, is unique among the other chimera African violets. The interesting thing about Party Fun is that no two blooms are identical in pattern.

A Possible Sport of the Chimera African Violet Erin (semi-double flowers?)

The African violet chimera Erin, is a single blue flower with wide white stripes. It has plain foliage and is considered a standard plant in size.  This plant when mature and full of flowers is very impressive indeed.  I have an image of it in my gallery and gives you an idea what it looks […]


To the right is a normal Erin Chimera violet bloom.   Using tissue culture methods I took the flower stalk of Erin and produced ten plants.  Seven were perfect copies of Erin, but one was pure white (left) one was purple (center) and one was a white flower with a purple center .  This nicely demonstrates […]