Tissue Culture Service

I am offering a tissue culture service for both chimera African violets and African violets of any type.

There is no up-front fees.  This is how it works.

  1. Decide what plant you wish tissue cultured
  2. If it is a chimera African violet send me the flower stalk (read full instructions)
  3. If it is any other type of African violet send me a leaf (read full instructions)
  4. Ship the plant material to me according to the shipping instructions.
  5. I will set up the material in culture media.
  6. If the culture takes you will be charged for the plants you want.  For example you send me a leaf and you want 10 plantlet I charge you a fee per plantlet plus shipping.
  7. If you sent me a flower stalk and I am able to get 2 viable chimeras and you want both plants, I charge you for both plantlets.

What is a plantlet?  A very small plant that is akin to a seedling but a bit bigger.


  • Regular African violets (non-chimeras) are 25 cents per plantlet.
  • Chimera African violets are $1.00 per plantlet.

Discount pricing is available.  Please Contact me.