Sport of “The Alps” Chimera African Violet

I have stem propagated “The Alps” repeatedly with literally zero spots forming.   For me it was one of a hand full of chimera African violets  that have been so stable.   One of “The Alps” that  bloomed true (image directly below) put out a very strong glowing sucker that I just let grow.  It had lighter green leaves then the parent which for me was a tip-off that the bloom was going to be different.

And it was!  It bloomed and to my surprise a pure white double bloom formed.  It lacked the purple stripe.  The image is below.  In the above image you can the five petaled chimera flower with prominent yellow pollen sacks or anthers.   With doubles many if not all (as in this example) of the pollen sacs have turned into petals or petaloids.  As you can see in the image below it lacks the pollen sacks but has developed smaller inner petals.

I will be propagating this out by leaf and bloom stalk and see how stable it is and if the double flower remains a constant.  Who knows.   Maybe I can name it “The Alps Snow”.   It reminds me of a daffodil flower.

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