Chimera African Violets on Facebook

As I was look through the web for interesting chimera African violet articles or posts, I stumbled on a facebook group I was unaware of.  Their name is chimera African violet group .  The group was started February 5th 2014 by Дженнер Восемь. When you click on this link,  you will see some of the most amazing photographs of chimera African violets and the number of different ones is stunning.    You do not need to be a member of Facebook to examine all the pictures.  Just click on the link provided above “chimera African violet group”.   One image set I came across was a great side-by-side shot of a Yukako and Shimai.  If you are not aware, Shimai is a sport of Yukako. 

This link is to the page of the above image, just click here.  These are two excellent images.  The author and owner of the images are 傅淑華  

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