Interesting African Violet Links Added

Just a note, I updated and reconfigured the old “Blogroll” and it is now called “Interesting  African Violet Links”.  It is located on the right side of the blog under the search box.  Unlike the Blogroll it is expandable so many more Chimera and African violet web sites links of interest will be added.  It is sorted by category with relevant links below each category.  Below each category title is a brief description of the category in black type.     I will be updating the list on a regular basis as I find different chimera and regular African violet websites I think we will find interesting and inspiring with an attempt to focus on chimera African violets.  I have seen so may sites including wonderful ones from people that have contacted me through this blog.  Some I could not find the link as I lost the list I had of them.  So please feel free to e-mail me with suggestions for interesting African violet and chimera African violet links.

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